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We offer services in Analysis, Design, and Legal Consultation.

LEGAL/Defective plastic

We are highly experienced in Expert Witness work for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in cases involving patent infringement, product liability, personal injury, plastic manufacturing contract disputes, plastic quality issues, defective plastic parts, and injury or property damage caused by defective plastic parts. Our plastic expert witnesses have incredible credentials and are highly experienced. 



Material Selection/injection molding consultants

We have state of the art equipment for plastic part design including both static and dynamic finite element analysis (FEA). We also do mold flow analysis and mold design. Our consultants have decades of experience. We have all types of plastic consultants and plastic experts including Injection molding consultants, Injection molding experts, blow molding consultants. blow molding experts, and material selection experts. Our materials experts will help provide materials advice to help you select the best and most cost effective material for your application. Whether the material you require is a plastic, a composite, a metal, or a ceramic, our materials experts can help.


plastic failure analysis

We offer a full line of plastic forensic analysis services including mechanical strength testing, plastic defect analysis, plastic degradation, plastic discoloration, plastic additive analysis, plastic contaminant analysis using FTIR and GC-MS, thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), gel permeation chromatography (GPC), and fracture surface analysis using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). If you are having a problem with your plastic parts failing in service, our Forensic Scientists and figure out the root cause of failure and help you figure out the best course of action to correct the problem and improve the performance and reliability of your part.

Some of our Clients include:

One of my company’s most well-established products failed during use and we were being threatened with a possible litigation. Dr. Priddy proved that our product was not defective. I plan to continue to use Plastic Failure Labs to solve all of my polymer analysis, plastic consulting, and plastic failure analysis needs.
— Frank Webb, Paragon Sourcing
Dr. Duane Priddy’s investigation report was thorough and clearly presented. I have used Duane Priddy’s expert witness services twice and plan to continue to use him whenever I have any matters involving the failure of plastic materials.
— Roger Dreyer, Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora
Dr. Duane Priddy’s failure investigation clearly identified the defects in the product that injured my client. His expert opinion report was meticulously prepared and his conclusions supported with excellent data and bases. I plan to continue to use Plastic Failure Lab for my cases involving defective plastic parts.
— Tony Baratta, Baratta Russel Baratta